Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I just have to record the date: 9/9/09. I won't get to write this date again.

I want to remember that I was in Starobilsk, Ukraine, working as a Peace Corps Volunteer on that special day. On 8/8/88 I was working with the DC humanities council in Washington. On 7/7/07 I was in St. Petersburg, Florida, retired, preparing for teaching a class at Eckerd College. Today it's 9/9/09.

I've read that these amazing conjunctions in numbers mean good things and bad things in different traditions, ancient and modern. Mathematicians and numerologists back to Pythagoras have a field day with them. I'll go with the positive - peace, compassion, good luck!

And good times. For that, above are some photos of a memorable bike ride to the Adgar River with friends Asya and Sasha. The light was brilliant, the farm land rich, the cows content, the sun danced on the river, and it sparkled, radiant. We biked along the river, then sat and reflected. It was a beautiful day for lots of reasons, among them that I was with friends, in Ukraine, and that my sister Andy came through her surgery with flying colors. Fall colors. Here's to the reds, yellows and oranges of Autumn, and to 9/9/9!

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