Monday, April 26, 2010

Walking with Ducks

Now that spring is here and the weather is warmer, I'm walking more. I hesitate to say it, with my, ahem, personal history, but I've even started to use my bike again. Not often. When I'm not in a hurry or when I do not have too much to carry.

Lately I've been walking to and from the Post Office every day. I was expecting a few packages, plus those books from Toledo. The people who work there know me, the Amerikanka, and usually, I just have to show up, smile, say good day, and they look at each other knowingly to say without speaking, "has anything come in for the Amerikanka?" They shake their heads no or yes.

Finally I got a "yes," with a smile. The 3 boxes of books came from America! Passport? Nope. I had to go home to get my passport.

As I turned onto Panfelova, there they were: A flock of ducks, or would that be a group of ducks, or a flock of geece. About a dozen of them. They were wandering about in circles, scurrying this way and that, obviously lost. Their leader seemed indecisive. Were they looking for the river? How did they get so off track? They were a long way from the river, a long way from home.

I walked with them for a while. Not exactly a straight path. But we went a few blocks, and I saw some pretty lilac bushes turning green; pink blossoms on the bare branches of apricot trees, flowering like cherry blossoms; some bright red tulips and golden daffodils; a very pretty house with gingerbread decoration that I had seen but never really looked at. I was beginning to feel like a duck with pleasure. Going in circles, a long way from home? Or, to put a better spin on it, just wandering where my instincts took me?

I took out my camera and focused on what I was seeing. That in itself is a good thing. When I turned around I saw that the ducks were going off in a new direction. I walked toward Panfelova, and the ducks kept going in the opposite direction. I went East; they went West. A good sign. At least they were heading in the right direction, toward the river. And I was heading home to get my passport so I could get those books. Sometimes you just go where life takes you. A nice walk with ducks

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