Thursday, September 23, 2010

Neon and Pop Art: And Then Philip Appeared!

I've been having neon thoughts lately. Maybe it's the autumn equinox, what I call the "neon season." The last burst of color before the dying of the light. I don't think of myself in neon very often, if at all, but it happened the other day. It's a "one thing led to another" story, with a happy ending.

Sergei, our neighbor on Panfelova and dear friend from the computer store came over to help me add ink to my Epson printer. He helps me with everything technical. I had a Canon printer but the cartridges were outrageously expensive, so I bought an Epson for the price of a color cartridge. Now I'm having trouble filling the ink cartridges myself. So Sergei, bless his heart, helps me. He patiently fills the yellow, the blue, the magenta, the black. My color is back!

My digital camera wasn't working either. I had let Dima use it when the English Club went on a stroll to take photos of Starobilsk buildings. That Heritage calendar idea is still floating around. But he must have clicked something I usually don't. I handed the camera to Sergei, he turned it around in his hands a bit, and then he snapped this photo. "What did you do?" I asked in mock exasperation. I had played with it for an hour and couldn't get it to work. "Magic hands," he said with a grin.

So that's the trick. Magic hands. I'll try it. After Sergei left, I played with the camera and the printer, the color and the effects. I'm usually hesitant to experiment because I get lost in the technology and can't find my way back. But I persisted. Spun some magic. Went to the extreme, into neon. Extreme for me. Bending light and color. Trying for an autumnal look to celebrate the equinox, an Andy Warhol effect.

And what do you know! Lo, and behold, Philip appeared! My beautiful 3-year-old great-grandson whooshing down a NEON slide. He popped right in there. Pop Art! Neon magic!

this one's for Gran-E!

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