Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I fell off my bike today. My new red "velociped." I peddled through a rocky muddy hole filled with black water on Panfelova. Luckily, I fell to the side of the road, onto a patch of wild grasses and wildflowers. A pretty sight. Things went flying, pens, papers, cel phone, but apart from a bit of wounded pride I was okay. I gathered my stuff and took a minute to smell the roses. I love those lavender blue wildflowers that seem to open only in the morning. It could have been worse, this accident. I could have fallen into that muddy puddle. Another reminder to keep my eyes on the road.

Yesterday I skidded through a sandy spot on the road to work. I went for the hand brake, then remembered I had to back-peddle to stop. By this time I zigzagged right into the huge statute of Lenin at the entrance to the park. I looked up, and there was Lena, the teacher from School #3. I had been trying to contact her all week. And here we were. Serendipity. I handed her a flyer for the English Club, which she liked. We chatted in English. It felt good to have a real adult conversation! Another accident, another happy ending.

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