Sunday, August 23, 2009

Future Leaders of Ukraine

With the children of Camp Sosnovy

I've met the future leaders of Ukraine. They are among the boys and girls at Camp Sosnovy.
All of the children are bright and beautiful. Some are athletic and fast. Some artistic and creative. Some serious and shy. Some boisterous and funny. And some are natural-born leaders.
In today's Ukraine there is little faith in government, at all levels. People tell me that local officials are unresponsive, laws not enforced, roads not paved, national leaders uninspiring, more influenced by the wealthy few than ordinary citizens. Nothing gets done and hope is fading.

But the future leaders of Ukraine are growing up. They are the children who stand out in every one of the eight groups at our camp.

These children are curious, not afraid to speak up. They ask questions and listen for answers. They initiate. They are first to try something new, to volunteer, to make suggestions. They have ideas and share them, and willingly listen to the ideas of others. They are both active and responsive.

Most of all, they motivate. They lead by example and others follow. They encourage, then praise. They are the future leaders of Ukraine. Ukraine will be in good hands.

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