Friday, November 13, 2009


Her name evokes music and beauty. Her spirit encompasses them.

Viola has another year to go in high school. She loves languages. I tutor her in English, but she also studies French and German. When she graduates from high school, she tells me, she will continue her language studies. Her green eyes sparkle.

We had a great conversation last time we were together (which was before I broke my arm) about the Autumn poems I had used at the English Club. Viola not only read them carefully, she analyzed them, talked about why she liked them, which were her favorites, how much she liked the color and images in the poetry. All this in English.

Her mom, Natalia, is a bookkeeper, but her first love is travel. Viola has inherited her mother's international interests.

It is Viola's dream to travel the world, to visit the big cities--London, Paris, Berlin. Do you want to visit America? “Of course!” she replies without missing a beat. “I have had this dream since I was 7 years old. That's when I started to study English.”

She loves contemporary English and German rock music. She mentions groups I've never heard of, Green Day, Tokyo Hotel, Amatory. She shares her interest with her best friend Julia. Her mom likes rock, too, like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Pink Floyd. Now i'm on more familiar ground, though her mom is only in her thirties, herself a youngster in my mind. Next year, Viola and her mom want to travel together.

I admire Viola's talent in languages, her determination, her seriousness of purpose. “I have a dream,” Viola says. She is working diligently to make that dream come true. I believe it will.

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