Friday, January 8, 2010

In the Now Again

My body is in Starobilsk, but my mind is in Istanbul. I started out to write a blog on Istanbul, and ended up writing four. It gets under your skin, and it's hard to let go. On the other hand, you never really do let go of a travel experience. It becomes part of who you are.

It takes me a while to process these experiences. It's one thing to be there, discovering, enjoying, reveling. It's another thing to get back home with the photos and the memories. I'm a different person now in the now because I was in Istanbul in the past.

You take the now of travel with you wherever you go, forever, and make it yours. It's not as if one can say okay, I'm here now, in Starobilsk, so Istanbul doesn't exist. It's in the past. Of course it exists, our experiences exist, but now in a different form, in a different way.

I want to relish these experiences. I want to satisfy my ego. The now will always be here. It is here every day. It's accessible. For now, I want to be in Istanbul in my mind. I can choose to be in the now later, tomorrow, another time.

Here I go again, spinning off into a discussion of being in the "now." Why am I doing this? I don't fully understand it, but there it is. Resistance? Thinking about the continuum of existence? Thinking about mortality?

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